Ucap Hong Kong Asset Management Ltd.

Asset Management

Flexible Platform

As an independent asset manager, we offer and apply true open architectural investment and banking platforms for our clients. In addition to representing our clients and family offices in consolidating their investment portfolios with different banks and financial institutions, we have in place a dedicated team of investment advisors to analyze and implement comprehensive risk control parameters across all invested assets based on individual client investment objectives and risk appetite.

Innovative Products

We painstakingly search and collaborate with the region’s leading banks and financial institutions to provide some of the most flexible investment platforms, innovative financial solutions, global custody services, and asset management expertise in supporting our clients to realize their objectives, interests and benefits.

Open Architecture

It is our ultimate objective to be a partner and collaborate with the most experienced investment advisors and wealth managers within the Asian region and beyond; people who truly hold a good understanding of the local culture, language and regulatory requirements.

Our partners possess a similar entrepreneurial spirit, impressive wealth management track records, and offer comprehensive services to ensure our clients benefit from a network of skills and capabilities, including some of the best specialists in areas beyond that of investments and banking.

Our clients will have full assurance that they are in the good hands of some of the finest investment advisors and private bankers anywhere in the world.

SFC Supervision

UCAP Hong Kong Asset Management holds the Type 1, 4 & 9 license [ AXH281 ] and conducts its wealth management business under the strict supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).
We operate and fully comply with SFC’ rules and regulations to provide total transparency and full confidence to all our clients.

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