Ucap Hong Kong Asset Management Ltd.


Lawrence (Lonnie) D. Howell – Co-Founder & Member of the Board

“Lonnie” brings over 35 years of experience in Financial Services and Private Banking. He is the co-founder of EFG International and served as its Chief Executive Officer until June 28, 2011. Prior to EFGI, he served as Head of Americas at Coutts & Co. International Private Banking from 1989 to 1995 and was responsible for all clients domiciled in the Americas as well as all Coutts &Co’s offices in the US, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman and Latin America. Before this, he also served as Head of Americas and Asia in Zurich of Coutts & Co. From 1986 to 1989, he served as Vice President in charge of Swiss Super High Net Worth Clients at Citibank Switzerland. From 1985 to 1986 he was with McKinsey & Co. LH served as Chief of Staff for the Head of Private Banking for Europe, Middle East and Africa of Citibank from 1981 to 1984. He started his career as internal legal counsel with Citibank from 1978 to 1981. Mr. Howell holds a BA and JD from the University of Virginia.

Robert Chiu – Chairman of UCAP Asia

Mr Bob Chiu has joined Ucap Hong Kong Asset Management Ltd as the Chairman of all UCAP activities in Asia effective September 1, 2017. The offices involved will include Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and Tokyo. Bob will join the individual board in due course.

Bob has a wealth of experience as a former Senior Citi Banker, the Global Head of Standard Chartered Bank, the Head of Republic of National Bank Private Banking in Asia, and the Founder and Head of EFG in Asia in 2000. He has recently stepped down of the board of EFG International and is consequently available to help drive the business of UCAP in forwarding in Asia and around the world. He will be supporting the organization in the context of new relationship management acquisition, relationship officer support and mentoring, client acquisition support and product development.

Sambit Mangaraj – Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mangaraj has been involved in the financial market for over 15 years, providing securities dealing, wealth management and client advisory services, including the distribution and marketing of investment products to institutional and high net worth clients.

He has previously worked in a number of leading regional and global financial institutions, including Darashaw and Company Pvt. Ltd, an Investment Banking and Broking company in India as Senior Associate for a period from June 2000 to April 2003, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited (in India) as Group Solutions Manager for a period from May 2003 to June 2005, ICICI Bank Limited (in Hong Kong) from July 2005 to June 2007,  EFG Bank, AG (in Hong Kong) resigning as Managing Director in March 2013.  He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management in Goa Institute Management in India.

At a corporate management level, Mr. Mangaraj will be responsible for business strategic planning and development, investment strategies, risk management and marketing.

Roger Simon Pyrke – Senior Adviser (Responsible Officer)

Mr. Pyrke has been involved in the asset management business for over 27 years, providing wealth management and client advisory services, to institutional and high net worth clients.

Mr. Pyrke has previously worked in various leading regional and global financial institutions, including as a director of Asia Alternative Asset Partners, as a Responsible Officer of Noble Investments Asia Ltd, as Managing Director of Harcourt Advisory Services Limited and as a Director with Barclays International Funds Asia, where he was responsible for sales, marketing and administration of open-ended investment fund products in Asia.

Christine Ma - Head of Client Services

Ms. Ma has been involved in the financial market for over 18 years, executing securities transaction, opening accounts and managing accounts activities, including conduct a performance reports and coordinating with various custodial banks.

She has previously worked as a Customer Relationship Manager for a period from Nov 1997 to Apr 2007 at Hang Seng Bank Limited. Prior to join the company, she served as Customer Services Officer from May 2007 at EFG Bank AG, Hong Kong. She is a CFP Certificant under The Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong.

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